• The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord. (Luke 4:18-19).
  • Monday, 13 May 2013



    We need a different mind set when the enemy comes in like a flood and tries to destroy. I gurantee you daily mediation will be over, church as usual will be over, it will be a time of Serious Business with God. SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND ALL THINGS WILL BE ADDED. You have to seek and see God------not things!!!
    What and how do we do? We must Seek God's way of doing things! Find out how God does things.....God's Power brought Jesus to earth to be conceived of a woman, Luke 1v35. It's the Power (the Anointing) that changes situations, nations, evil powers and your life. It's the same Power that rose Jesus from the dead, It's the same Power that changed coward Peter who had denied Jesus 3 times later because of God's Power changing him from being a coward to building His church. Peter the coward, Peter the Apostle!

    This Power(Star) took the Wise Men to Jesus and they "Followed the Star" to the child then after finding Jesus it led them to safety! Mat 2 v 9, " When they had heard the king, they departed and behold, the Star which they had seen in the East went before them till it came and stood over where the young Child was". After giving presents to the Child Jesus then being divinely warned in a dream they should not return to Herod, they departed for their own country another way." These men were not religious men but God still used them to get the gold, frankincense and myrrh to the child Jesus. The bible really doesn't say how many wise men there were. Some of them also studied the stars and experts think they knew all about where the location of Jesus was. But I really doubt that! They followed the star until they found Jesus! God was the one that caused this particular star to move, not any man!

    This Power or the Anointing brings Healing, It protects you, It casts out devils, The Anointing of Praise and Singing changes Nature, and it worked Physical and Supernatural Miracles. It also brings you faith to believe for Signs and Wonders. The Wise Men were lead by the Star and they were safe and were protected from terrible harm from Herod. God has specific ways to keep His children from harm and one of the ways is to be Lead By His Star(God's Power).
    Tammy age 5 years old suddenly developed Leukemia and very quickly her kidneys began to fail. This mother had one of two choices to make. Marge had to decide to go after God's best for her daughter and that is healing and recovery or her daughter would be sick and soon death would follow for her little girl.

    Marge heard every negative, non faith philosophy you could dream of from everyone under the sun from people she admired to those in the past who had been used of God, even from pastors. This mother heard that her child would soon be in heaven with Jesus. You just need to let her go while you know she is saved and soon there will be no more suffering. Religious people even told Marge if you hold her here with your prayers you don't really know God will heal her anyway and likely she may suffer even more.

    Then Marge heard perhaps a secret sin was in her life for it to have happened to your baby. She said the so called church people told her over and over her little girl was going to die. They even told her where to go buy coffins.

    The Woman with the Issue of Blood would have died is she had not been willing to go forward and press on for getting back what had been stolen from her. She had the Anointing for recovery and pressed through the crowds to get to Jesus. What if this woman had just sat back in her home, pondering to herself, "Should I go through the trouble of fighting through that big crowd to touch Jesus"? As weak as she was she probably won't have gotten to Him if she had these thoughts: "Yeah, the crowd will only hurt me, probably better to stay at home lay down and keep what little strength I have left for soon I will die, and even if I get out on the street they will arrest me for I've had a Blood flow problem for years. Yeah, the laws are very strong in my country and no one is allowed in public this problem keeps happening again and again." What then would have happened to her with that attitude? I promise you death for certain. But she decided -----------------------------to go against the press of the crowd and it didn't matter to her what anyone thought she was going to Jesus at any cost and receive her healing. And she got what she went after, her healing!!!

    This mother Marge refused to allow the devils to steal her daughters life. She refused to be denined. She told God, "You gave me this child and God You are not an Indian Giver. You promised that whatsoever I asked in prayer in faith, believing it would be done unto me. I am asking you now for the life and health of my child. It was a Big decision and a Hugh battle. It wasn't easy but this woman looked straight at God. Death to this mother was not acceptable. She said it was a battle worth fighting and getting back her daughter's health. Recovery with God's Power says, "My God is able, My God is willing, and I won't receive anything less than God healing my child. Jesus You came that we might have life and life more abundantly. Jesus healed all that came to Him. Marge was fixed on getting back what the enemy had taken from them. God then healed the daughter of leukemia, kidney failure and scolosis of the spine. God also healed her son. This mother had inquired of the Lord!! She had shut herself off and away from everyone. She refused hearing any negative word that would rob her of communication with God. Her daughter recovered full and they got their miracles!!!!!!!
    This Power (the Anointing) God's Power changes everything! It qualifies you and enables us to minister in the Power of God. Anointing brings direct intervention in human affairs to do things impossible for humans and nations and yet doing them through a human being.

    Jesus was 30 years of age and He was in preparation for His 3 1/2 years of earthly ministry. He was just an ordinary man until He was Anointed with Power from the Holy Spirit. Jesus spoke, "I don't do anything unless I see My Father do it!!!". When the Holy Spirit came upon Him, Jesus was suddenly different. Luke 3v21-22, "It came to pass that Jesus was also baptized, and while He prayed, the Heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a Dove upon Him and a Voice came from heaven which said,

    Jesus was filled by the Holy Spirit and then after was tempted by the devil. He was led to the wilderness for 40 days, then Jesus was full of Power, Luke 4v14.
    Jesus was equipped by His Father to get the job done. Sick were healed, blind eyes opened, dead were raised, He moved in revelation knowledge who knowing all things and the Power was so Awesome on Him that as He spoke just His words knocked men down, John 18v1-10.
    Jesus stood in the 5 fold ministry offices, Acts 10v38. Jesus the Pastor, Jesus the Teacher, Jesus the Evangelist, Jesus the Prophet, and Jesus the Apostle. Jesus also cursed a fig tree to die and it indeed died. "And seeing a fig tree by the road Jesus came to it and found nothing on it but leaves and said to it, "Let no fruit grow on you ever again. And immediately the fig tree withered awasy".

    The Anointing of the Holy Spirit is the most precious and costly thing in existence. It cost the Lord Jesus His life. Anyone who desires maximun Anointing must be willing to sacrifice other goods and costly things. Great Anointing costs greatly!!!! God anoints only what is cleansed by Jesus Blood and Sanctified by His Spirit.
    How was Jesus relationship with His Father?
    If we are to do Jesus work we must develop the same relationship to the Father Jesus had. John 14v12,"He who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also and greater works than these will do". Jesus spoke from what He knew. He spoke from His relationship with His Father because of this He received the Spirit without measure. Jesus worked for the Father's honor, not His own. John 7v15-18,"My doctrine is not mine but His who sent Me". Jesus always did what pleased the Father and with that He spent much time alone praying to His Father. Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit with Power from heaven so He could work the works of God. He spent no time building His own empire, position, or reputation. He operated under full Anointing because His desire was soley to obey God and serve God's purpose. Nothing of self got in His way. He sacrificed all of Himself in order to serve others, even to die for them. He did it without complaining about inconvenience, tiredness, or personal price. His name Jesus Christ means Anointed one!

    In the Old times (testament) the belivers had Power also:
    The 70 elders prophesied when the Spirit came upon them, Num 11v25. You have heard how Samson rent a lion as if it was a kid goat, Jud 14v6. Then Joshua commanded the Sun to stand still, Jos 10v12-13. Imagine Elisha parted the water with the mantle of Elijah, 2Kings 2v14. These were all done by the Power from God! We must have the Power in these days and this Power only comes from God. Jesus gave His 12 apostles authority, Mat 10v7-8. Jesus sent out the 70 and He declares that all things are possible to the believers, Mark 9v33.
    Writes Rev. R. Stevenson from India. I came to attend Dr.Barbara Jennison great gospel meeting in 1998. That is the first time to look at you. Your message is with Great Holy Spirit. Again you came in 1999. I came to look at you again. I was there to follow you for 3 days at nightime meetings. The 2nd day the Holy Spirit came from Heaven very speedily upon you, then everybody feared. In the Healing meetings everybody , man and woman came for their sickness. When you put your hands upon them they fall down under the presence of God's Power. Hundreds of sick people were taken good health in those 3 day meetings through you. I am watching what God is doing through you. satan is giving test to me. Then I asked the Lord Jesus to Heal me. I was suffering on my left organ, very painful for 10 days. When you prayed for me and Anointed me with wonderful prayer to God I fall down immediately. After 30 minutes I came up to stand, this is your last meeting, my great angel sister. After the healing prayer and that Anointing which touched me that day I am very happy, no pain from that day God touched me. The Anointing changed lives those 3 days while I was in India.
    What are some of the requirements for receiving the Anointing?
    We must be obedient to God. Enter into the outpouring of God's Spirit, Joel 2v23-24. Find it, go where it is. You have no ministry if you have no Anointing. Swallow pride and go wherever God has established a "Filling Station". I promise you God won't give you Anointing to waste on your selfish agenda, satan will! You must recognize God is the sole source of one's spiritual anointing, Hos 2v8-9. Appreciate and guard the Anointing on your life and others, Numb 4v9,16.
    Then after you are blessed with an Anointing you will need refills. Acts 2v4 says they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Then Peter was filled as well as Paul. In Acts 19v6, "The Ephesians were filled with the Holy Spirit but later the Ephesians were commanded to "keep being filled with the Spirit", Eph 5v18.
    If you are living on past fillings, you are living on stale manna, rancid oil. Constantly pursue refilling of the Holy Spirit and His Anointing. We can never get enough. Continue getting fresh oil, every day, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Our goal should be to stay drunk on the Holy Spirit Anointing. For changes to happen the Anointing must be in us in such measure that we are totally under the Spirit's control. And if we get so stoned on the Holy Spirit and all we do is laugh uncontrollably or cry together or sing for hours or whatever then let's have it God!!! Anyone who thinks this is unbecoming, assumes they know better than God and what is good for us. If the Holy Spirit causes it, it is good! It is bad to be out of control because of too much alcohol. It is good to be touched by the Power of the Holy Ghost. If any one accuses you of being drunk on cheap wine, that's good! It places us in really good company, Acts 2v13,15. "Others mocking said, they are full of new wine, for these are not drunk as you suppose, since it is only the 3rd hour of the day".

    I truly believe we can see incredible miracles through our hands as we ask God to be used as an instrument. We can ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit to make us a servant with no reputation, and not be selfish while obeying You Father God and give us a heart to sacrifically serve others.

    Ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit to make me a servant with no reputation. And Lord if I am selfish then please strip me of selfishness and teach me to obey you perfectly. Take me to the cross and crucify me to the world and give me a Big heart to serve others.

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